The temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint in the jaw.

TMJ disorder is a painful condition.

Many people describe swelling (caused by inflammation) on the side of the face as an audible popping and clicking sound when yawning or chewing and closing the mouth even if they can’t close their mouth.

Sometimes the cause is overwork or if you’re under the stress and you grind and clench the teeth.

What the dentist recommend is soft food, not to open your mouth too wide or to wear a mouth guard at night. With these the problem usually settles down.

But sometimes it just gets worse and there is nothing to do with these pieces of advice. Why?

A flat neck can cause TMJ disorder too.

TMJ patients suffer from jaw misalignment pain. Misalignment means the cervital vertebra or the skull isn’t in the right position.

A normal neck has a gentle curve to it and keep the head in the middle.

Nowadays many people sit all day, which has changed spine position and the neck is getting flat. The change of the neck position has changed the head and joint position too and more symptoms arise, like head and ear ache and also neck pain.

Soft laser therapy can reduce inflammation and stop the pain. It can find the trigger point on the neck, make the muscle relax and take the pressure off the TMJ and help the neck move back to the right position. Patients can stop being on a soft diet and they can quickly get back their normal life.

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