I am very pleased with Surrey Laser Therapy. I had terrible back pain that woke me up at night, and just after one session with Valeria I slept through a whole night without any pain. I highly recommend her services – she is very friendly and listens about the problem. She is is also quick to respond and very effective. 10/10, would call her again with back problems.
Daria Maciaszek, 16 January 2019, on Facebook

I had extreme lower back pain that ran all the way down my legs. Like a pinched nerve. The pain was so bad that it use to wake me up at night close to tears. Desperate to go A&E I thought let me give Valeria a call. She accommodated me almost immediately even though it was short notice. The space was welcoming, warm and friendly. She had a friendly and comforting approach and made me feel reassured. She used visual diagrams to explain to me the process. This all made me feel at ease. The therapy itself was painless but the results were immediate. To say that after an hours session I’ve been healed is an understatement. This machine and Valeria’s extensive knowledge is truly amazing. I can only highly recommended this treatment before trying anything else. Truly groundbreaking technology at its best. Thank you Valeria. I will be back when needed.
Rish Amod, 14 January 2019, on Facebook

I am suffering from pain in the base of the biceps femoris for a couple of years (according to MRT it is an inflammation that somehow does not fade away) Maybe I am a little bit guilty on my own, because I don’t give my body the necessary respite, but as well my job as a self-employed personal trainer does not really allow this and nobody (so neither my orthopedist with acupuncture and my own blood therapy, nor the physiotherapist and osteopath tried everything several times, and couldn’t really help me.) Then I came to Valeria with her laser therapy by recommendation and it’s just amazing, really wow …. it’s unbelievable, just after one session it’s already much better, I’m impressed, I can highly recommend it, it’s definitely worth the money, just great, thanks a lot Valeria. Sure I will tell everyone about how good it is.
Inga Hofer, 6 December 2018, on Facebook

I have just finished a course of 5 treatments with Valeria using the Light Laser machine for my neck and lower back issues. Very impressive, it has really helped. If you have any problem areas I would highly recommend this treatment.
Colette Hart, 6 December 2018, on Nextdoor

I highly recommend Surrey Laser Clinic for pain relief. Valeria is very friendly and creates a comfortable, relaxing environment in which treatment is carried out. She is very knowledgeable about Thor LED laser therapy and was happy to answer all questions I had, explaining everything to me. She made me a personal treatment plan, and each session she would go through what we would be doing.
The treatment itself is completely pain free (unlike for example chiropractor or sports massage!) and it has really helped. You will lie on a very comfortable, heated bed (great on cold winter evenings!) whilst the LED light is used. The session usually lasts around 45mims-1hour and is very relaxing.
I have been suffering from shoulder and neck pain from using my computer at work, and Valeria managed to pinpoint exactly where this pain was coming from using the Thor machine, and worked on these areas specifically, to help relieve pain.
Highly recommended.
Rosie Brooks, 4 December 2018, on Facebook

Thank you Vali for the great treatment. I am a professional swimmer, therefore my muscles get quite tense and hurt sometimes. Even after one treatment my muscles were completely relaxed and it was completely painless.
Andras Szeni, 2 December 2018, on Facebook